Welcome to 2DR Longhorns

2DR Longhorns is a partnership of two doctors, (one a Baylor Bear, the other a Texas Tech Red Raider) and each of their wives. The Baylor Bear of our story, Blake Powell, is an attorney. The Red Raider, Shaun Barnett, is a retired public school superintendent. Their story began in 2008, when the two gentlemen first met at a work function. Through the years, their jobs continued to put them together, and their friendship and common pastimes became evident. Blake’s wife, Maggie, calls them “two peas in a pod.” None of us thought that would work for the name of the partnership, but after a few other questionable options were presented, it was finally determined that 2DR Longhorns seemed like a good way to honor the accomplishments of these two guys.

In the crazy year of 2020, the Barnetts purchased their first longhorn cattle, an unregistered heifer and an unregistered bull calf. These two animals had been in the pasture for about a month when the Barnetts realized that they had fallen in love with the breed, and needed some registered longhorns. Two registered heifers were purchased the next month, and two cows and a bull calf were purchased within the following month all from Kevin and Jodi Bryant at the Bryant Cattle Company. The herd was coming together!

Stories and photos of these animals at the work functions, began to get the attention of Blake Powell who grew up as the son of an ag teacher. Before long, Blake was asking about longhorns that were available not far from the Barnett’s ranch, and after an interesting morning of getting two cows, a heifer calf, a steer, and a very obstinate bull loaded on the trailer, the Powells were hooked too. A new heifer calf was a pleasant surprise not long after the trailer pulled away from the gate. The partnership had begun to bloom!

Our first auction purchase was at the 2021 Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale in Grapevine, TX, a great heifer consigned by Don Bartlett of D&C Ranch. A cow and her heifer were also purchased from Danielle Mershon at the Whistling Longhorn Ranch to add to the herd. We have sufficiently fallen in love with them all!

Going forward, we hope to breed longhorns who are desirable by others because the cattle are correct in form, and have great color and some pretty decent horns. Keri Barnett, who loves to research, is hoping to learn from the great breeders to move the partnership in that direction.

Maggie Powell is our gift shop guru. She is organizing all kinds of longhorn and branded goods to be had in our Gift Shop. Please visit it to see what you like. If you’d like something that you don’t see, please let us know!

As beginners, we have tried to read, listen, and visit with seasoned breeders so that we can grow our herd effectively. We would like to say “Thank You!” to all of those who have helped us get our start. We look forward to meeting others who share this interest in the Texas Longhorn, so give us a call if you’re ever in the neighborhood.